How to Make S’mores Even Better: Recipes for Elevating a Campfire Classic

How to make s'mores with Vine to Bar dark chocolate

If you love chocolate and the outdoors, then summertime means just one thing: s’mores! These ooey gooey treats can be just as delicious as you remember them from your childhood, especially if you upgrade the ingredients you use with decadent dark chocolate, gourmet marshmallows, and other creative toppings.

How to make s'mores with Vine to Bar dark chocolate

How to Make S’Mores with Dark Chocolate

Vine to Bar dark chocolate is the perfect choice for making s’mores. These premium dark chocolate bars are made with WellVine™ Coastal Chardonnay Marc, a superfood ingredient upcycled from the spent grapes of the winemaking process. Chardonnay Marc tempers the bitter notes in rich dark chocolate, so Vine to Bar chocolate brings complex flavors as well as a gentle sweetness to your s’mores.

Here are a few of our favorite gourmet s’mores recipes featuring Vine to Bar dark chocolate:

Elevated Classic S’Mores with Dark Chocolate

Classic s'mores with Vine to Bar dark chocolate and homemade graham crackers

Homemade graham crackers
Vine to Bar dark chocolate bar
Vanilla marshmallows

Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice S’mores Recipe

Cinnamon spice s’mores recipe from Vine to Bar chocolate

Cinnamon graham crackers or speculoos cookies
Vine to Bar dark chocolate with almonds and Himalayan pink salt
Salted caramel marshmallows
Dulce de leche or your favorite salted caramel sauce

Chocolate Berry-licious S’Mores Recipe

S’mores recipe with wine-roasted strawberries and Vine to Bar dark chocolate

Shortbread cookies or graham crackers
Vine to Bar tart cherry and cacao nib dark chocolate
Wine-roasted strawberries We recommend using Kendall-Jackson California Rose.

How to Make Indoor S’mores

Broiler s’mores from Vine to Bar dark chocolate

No campfire? No problem! You can still enjoy the flavors of toasted marshmallows and rich chocolate even if you don’t have access to a crackling outdoor fire or indoor fireplace to roast your marshmallows. It’s easier than you think to make s’mores with deliciously melty marshmallows from the comfort of your kitchen.

Here are a few tips and tricks for achieving the perfect s’mores indoors:

  • Microwave s’mores: Place ½ of a graham cracker on a plate and top with a square of chocolate. Top the chocolate with a marshmallow and microwave for 15-20 seconds. The marshmallow will rapidly expand as it cooks, and then deflate towards the end of the cooking time. Top your s’mores with the other ½ of the graham cracker and enjoy.
  • Broiler s’mores: Preheat your broiler. Place graham crackers with chocolate on a baking sheet and top each with a marshmallow. Position the sheet under the broiler and allow the marshmallows to toast. Keep an eye on them, as this will happen quickly!
  • Sterno s’mores: The flame from a sterno is an easy and safe way to roast marshmallows indoors. You can find sterno canisters at most grocery stores.
  • Use a culinary torch: With the fine control of a blow torch, or culinary torch, you can toast your marshmallows just the way you like them.

How to Make a S’mores Dessert Board

Dessert board with a s'mores theme from Vine to Bar Chocolate

Do you enjoy entertaining? A s’mores charcuterie board or dessert board is the perfect ending to a backyard barbeque, campsite meal, or even an indoor party if you have a fireplace or provide sterno flames for your guests.

A successful s’mores dessert board offers a variety of flavors, textures, and colors to tempt your guests with a colorful presentation and offer an almost endless variety of flavor combinations to try out.

Your board should include:

  • A mix of graham crackers, cookies, stroopwafels, etc.
  • Multiple flavors of chocolates
  • S’mores toppings and sauces that pair well with chocolate, like peanut butter, strawberry compote, and salted caramel
  • Other creative snacks and mix-ins, like potato chips, fresh fruit, or even candied bacon

S’mores can be so much more than a nostalgic treat from summer camp! With a little creativity and higher-quality ingredients, s’mores can be the perfect addition to gathering, both indoors or out.

S'mores with Vine to Bar dark chocolate