From the Vines and Minds of
Revered Coastal Winemakers

Chardonnay Marc

Rich in flavanols

Winemakers are a unique breed, equal parts scientist, agronomist and artist. They wanted to find a way to use the whole grape from wine making because of the high nutrients left in the freshly squeezed grapes. After experimenting many times over, they figured it out.

This new ingredient they’ve created is one with beneficial nutrients, flavanols and full of natural sweetness.


Vine to Bar

A Passion for Wine and
Chocolate Making

Here it is - Vine to Bar, what better way to describe, bringing all the goodness from the vine to the bar, to make chocolate that is extra good. 

A perfect pairing by the coastal winemakers who love chocolate. Chocolate and wine have always made a great duo, now, the soul of the grape is expertly blended into the finest rich, dark chocolate for a new sensory experience that could only be imagined by the minds of winemakers paired with chocolatiers.

Vine to Bar chocolate contains no alcohol.


A Zero Waste Mindset

A chocolate that’s good for you and Mother earth

Part of the winemaker’s sensibility is having a soft footprint on our home. Using the whole grape in wine making makes a difference to the earth, since less needs to be reabsorbed by the land -- less nitrogen and more eco-balance. What was once a by-product of wine making has been re-imagined into this new superfood. A win for our palates and planet.

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