Dark chocolate reimagined

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Feel good about a
little indulgence

Vine to Bar uses an upcycled product of winemaking to make decadent chocolate.

For Palate and Planet

The world's first dark chocolate made with upcycled WellVine™ Coastal Chardonnay Marc

Upcycled Indulgence

Our chocolate upcycles WellVine™️ Coastal Chardonnay Marc into our delicious, earth-friendly dark chocolate. By using the whole grape, we are making a difference to our planet, since less needs to be reabsorbed by the land. The Coastal Chardonnay Marc all comes from the Wineries of Jackson Family Wines, makers of Kendall-Jackson, La Crema, and more, and a recognized leader in sustainability.

Utilizing A Superfood

We all know wine is made from grape juice, but what happens to the rest of the fruit once it’s been pressed? Rich in nutrients, this ingredient was once discarded, creating 10 billion pounds of waste a year.

After experimenting many times over, we transformed this by-product into WellVine™️ Coastal Chardonnay Marc, a new ingredient full of natural sweetness, flavanols, and beneficial nutrients. It is also alcohol free.

Don't take our word for it


So good, so good, so good!!

Tried 3 different flavors, all fabulous!!


Original Dark Chocolate Tasting Squares


So yummy!!

This chocolate is so silky & delicious. Definitely a new favorite!

Kat C

Sample Bundle


Love the Cocoa Nibs

The dark chocolate of this brand is really yummy and the nibs add a nice extra kick. Not so in love with the salt, but it's still good. Like some of the other varieties better.

Linda L

Chardonnay Smoked Salt And Cocoa Nibs Dark Chocolate Tasting Squares


Delicious Chocolate

I am enjoying the library chocolate from Vine to Bar. Each bar is pure pleasure.

Bob L

Library Box Bundle


It’s amazing.

I was so excited to receive this amazing product which I’ve heard really great things bout it. And it did disappoint me at all. It’s taste so good from the package to it actual product I’d give 10/10. It’s a must try.


Chocolate Covered Almonds with Himalayan Pink Salt

a sensory experience

The Perfect pair

Expertly blended into the finest rich, dark chocolate for a new sensory experience that could only be imagined by the minds of winemakers paired with chocolatiers.


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