Protein Cookie Dough | Vine to Bar
Delight your taste buds while nourishing your body with this Protein Cookie Dough recipe! Made with protein-packed ingredients like chickpeas, almond butter, and oats, this delicious treat gets an extra boost of nutrition from Vine to Bar’s Almonds with Himalayan...
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Mint Chip Protein Smoothie | Vine to Bar
Indulge in a refreshing and nutritious treat with our Mint Chip Protein Smoothie. This recipe combines the rich flavor of Vine to Bar chocolate with creamy coconut yogurt, fresh spinach and mint for a burst of freshness. The star bonus...
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Vine to Bar on California Bountiful
An in-depth look at our Chocolate Bars Vine to Bar co-founder, Peggy Furth, sat down with California Bountiful to dive deep into the discovery and health benefits of WellVine™ Chardonnay Marc and the creation of Vine to Bar - perfectly...
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