Vine to Bar on the Today Show

Vine to Bar on the Today Show

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We're honored to have been featured as a part of the Female Founded Companies to watch.

Lifestyle expert Amy E. Goodman perfectly describes all the things that make Vine to Bar so special and delicious.  





Video Transcribed:
"Yes, of course. This is vine to bar.

This is... from Sonoma County, a little bit close to my own heart, where two women, heads of vineyards, we have Peggy on one side, Peggy Firth, and then, of course, Barbara Banke on the other side. They came together, and they were like, what do we do with all the byproduct of the winemaking process? So we're talking about dried grapes and seeds and pulp.

They infused it into the chocolate to create a chocolate of superfood. It's very nutrient-dense. It adds a little bit of sweetness to the very dark, bitter chocolate. So you have bar that start at eight dollars you have the tasting squares and also chocolate covered almonds that are super delicious.

What's this one?
This is delicious. So there's actually a mix in this bowl, but i think this has a bit of the sea salt. So Himalayan sea salt and almonds..."