Vine to Bar Chocuterie Board
Vine to Bar Chocuterie Board
Vine to Bar Chocuterie Board
Vine to Bar Chocuterie Board

Vine to Bar Chocuterie Board

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Perfect for serving your best fruit, cheese, and of course chocolate!
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What is Chardonnay Marc

Part of the winemaker’s sensibility is having a soft footprint on our home. Using the whole grape in wine making makes a difference to the earth, since less needs to be reabsorbed by the land -- less nitrogen and more eco-balance.

What was once a by-product of wine making has been re-imagined into this new superfood - filled with beneficial nutrients, flavanols and full of natural sweetness.


Our chocolate is made with 65% cocoa but don’t let that alone determine if you will try our chocolate. The addition of Chardonnay Marc (15% of the chocolate) cuts the bitterness of the dark chocolate and adds a fruity note otherwise not found. It creates a taste quite unique

We are not using a single source cacao at this time. Our cacao is sourced primarily from West Africa and South America and is covered by the Cocoa Horizons Certification program for sustainability and social impact. (For more information visit The blended chocolate comes from Barry Callebaut, who is the world’s premier supplier of fine chocolate.

None of our ingredients contain gluten, but we process on machinery where ingredients that contain wheat are also processed. Therefore, we include the “may contain wheat” statement on our packaging.

Vine to Bar chocolates are as safe as they are sustainable. We and our suppliers, including Barry Callebaut, regularly test to ensure that our chocolates meet all state and federal regulations, including Prop 65, regarding the presence of lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury, often referred to as heavy metals.

Yes, our chocolate contains soy, and some flavors contain almonds. Since our products are processed in a facility where tree nuts, peanuts, egg, wheat, and milk are present, it may contain those allergens as well.

While our ingredients and manufacturing processes are of the highest quality, we are not at this time certified with Kosher labeling requirements.

Customer Reviews

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Kat Condon
Vine to Bar Chocuterie Board

I loved this board! It thick and sturdy with plenty of space for lots of goodies!


Could anything be better than Barry Callebaut chocolate?.....Naaah, not a chance. Some perfection just can't be exceeded. Unless--wait! Sour cherries with cocoa nibs in Barry Callebaut chocolate? Incredible. If the brilliant ladies of CoastalVintners haven't done it! They've actually improved on Callebaut!

Not only have they created a taste sensation, but they've made it exponentially more healthy with their Chardonnay Marc, AND they've packaged it in tasting squares that contain only 3 grams of sugar! Fellow pre-diabetic chocoholics, rejoice!!!

Thank you ladies, so very much. Your hard work and ingenuity have given chocolate back to me! You are my heroes!!!

Suzanne Orr

i got this as a gift for my sister in law and she ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Now I have to get some for me!!!

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