Feel good about a
little indulgence

Vine to Bar uses an upcycled product of winemaking
to make decadent chocolate.


Using the Lost Fruit from Winemaking – Tastefully

We all know wine is made from grape juice, but what happens to the rest of the fruit once it’s been pressed? Rich in nutrients, this ingredient was once discarded, creating 10 billion pounds of waste a year.

We wanted to do something about this. After experimenting many times over, we transformed this by-product into WellVine™️ Chardonnay Marc, a new ingredient full of natural sweetness, flavanols, and beneficial nutrients. It is also alcohol free.


Making Mother Earth Happy with Upcycled WellVine™️ Chardonnay Marc

Every Vine to Bar chocolate upcycles the WellVine™️ Chardonnay Marc into our delicious, earth-friendly dark chocolate. By using the whole grape, we are making a difference to our planet, since less needs to be reabsorbed by the land. What was once an underutilized co-product is now a superfood that makes our chocolate euphorically delicious. A win for our palates and our planet.