Chocolate & Wine Pairing Guide


For this pairing, you’ll enjoy two of Vine to Bar’s expertly crafted varieties, each with WellVine™ Chardonnay Marc in every bite. Your Library Box contains:

Dark Chocolate with Chardonnay Marc

Infused with bright, crisp Chardonnay notes, finishing with hints of fruit.

Tart Cherry & Cocoa Nibs

The tart cherry paired with the brightness of the WellVine™ Chardonnay Marc mingles beautifully, while the topping of cocoa nibs provides a burst of flavor.

Chardonnay Smoked Salt & Cocoa Nibs

The Chardonnay smoked salt in oak barrels creates a gentle, smoky elegance that intermingles with the fruitiness of the WellVine™ Chardonnay Marc. A pop of cocoa nibs creates a taste and textural delight.

Almonds with Pink Himalayan Salt

Roasted California almonds with pink Himalayan salt complement the bright fruit finish of WellVine™ Chardonnay Marc.

Wine Recommendations

Primary Guidelines

As you’re selecting your wines to pair with the chocolate, consider selecting the following:

  • White wines with oak and richness 
  • Rosé Wines - the fruitier varieties pair best Smoother red wines with soft tannins -- Riper styles (which are sweeter) with fruit flavors pair well 
  • Higher-tannin reds (like Cabernet) with the softest tannins. These are fruit-driven with lots of rich ripe fruit 
  • Wines with a hint of residual sugar will pair nicely

We recommend avoiding the following when pairing with chocolate:

  • Dry, high-acid, unoaked whites such as Sauvignon Blanc
  • “Bone dry” red wines with the highest tannins or herbal/pyrazine flavors
  • The highest acid and most tannic Pinot Noirs

Best Wines by Chocolate 

Dark Chocolate with Chardonnay Marc

  • New World Chardonnay with Oak: La Crema, Cambria Estate, Kendall-Jackson, Stonestreet, Legacy
  • Rosé of Pinot Noir: Cambria Estate, La Crema, WillaKenzie, Hartford Court

Chardonnay Smoked Salt & Cocoa Nibs

  • Zinfandel: Murphy-Goode, Hartford Family, Kendall-Jackson
  • Syrah: Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve, Cambria Estate
  • Merlot: Freemark Abbey, Matanzas CreekWinery

Tart Cherry & Cocoa Nibs

  • Pinot Noir: La Crema, Cambria Julia’s Vineyard Pinot Noir, Santa Maria Valley, Hartford Court
  • Zinfandel: Murphy-Goode, Hartford Family, Kendall-Jackson
  • Merlot: Freemark Abbey, Matanzas CreekWinery
  • Rosé of Pinot Noir: Cambria Estate, La Crema, WillaKenzie

Almonds with Pink Himalayan Salt

  • Pinot Noir: La Crema, Cambria Estate, Hartford Court
  • Zinfandel: Murphy-Goode, Hartford Family, Kendall-Jackson
  • Merlot: Freemark Abbey, Matanzas Creek Winery
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: Arrowood, Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve, Carmel Road

All Chardonnays Below Work with All Four Chocolate Varieties:

  • La Crema
  • Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve and Grand Reserve
  • Cambria Katherine’s Vineyard Chardonnay, Santa Maria Valley
  • Stonestreet Estate

Tasting Prep & Technique

You’ll want to have the following on hand for the ultimate tasting experience:

  • Vine to Bar tasting squares
  • Individual glasses for your wines
  • Room-temperature water

A few recommendations for enjoying your chocolate on its own:

  • Open the wrapper of the chocolate and delight in the aromatics of the chocolate and Chardonnay Marc 
  • Start by taking a bite of the chocolate and allowing it to melt in your mouth 
  • Once the chocolate melts slightly, you’ll want to chew it and let it coat your mouth so you can fully experience all tasting notes

As you taste your chocolate and wine:

  • Sip the wine, then taste the chocolate, and then revisit your wine—the notes and flavors together will create a balanced sensory experience 
  • In between each tasting, make sure you cleanse your palate with water

Useful Resources

Pre-recorded tasting event: You can follow along with one of our previous tasting events with Master Sommelier Michael Jordan, Wine Educator Gilian Handelman, and Chocolatier Ralph Jerome with the video here.

Wine collection: Shop our suggested wines that pair perfectly with Vine to Bar chocolate here or head to your local purveyor.